Friday, June 14, 2019

General Fun

Well why not?  He appears to be having fun.  Don't we all need to let our guards down and forget everything we have been ever told about what we should do, and how we should do it?  I have to admit, and no big surprise here, I am not very good at relaxing.  So what do we fear? 

  • Making a fool of ourselves - too late
  • Looking ridiculous - it matters not what other think
  • Showing our flaws - others have flaws 
  • Being seen as silly - we all need a little silly in our lives 
  • That we might not return to "normal afterwards- normal is overrated. 
Relax, wear what you want, eat and drink what makes you feel good.  Have some fun in life.  

Is he a real General? 


  1. nope, but the man is secure in himself. can't get much more ballsy than that!

  2. He blew it for me with the cigar! But no. Don’t think he’s a real general. The shoes are a dead give away.

  3. Yes, his name is General Mayhem.

  4. Okay, there's ridiculous (see any of Mitchell's fashion posts) and then there's this! "To insanity and beyoooooond!" I missed the point again, didn't I.

    1. Love you! I think the man is crazy or drunk, or both, it was Bourbon Street in New Orleans!