Tuesday, June 18, 2019

High Water on the North Coast

My first reaction when seeing this sign was "what beach?"  The wind was blowing, the waves were crashing, nothing that looked like a beach was to be found, along the coast of Lake Erie in northern Ohio.  Then I read that the water levels in the Great Lakes are at near record levels, Lake Erie is about 3-feet above average. The beach that might be here, is swamped.  

All of that water, and the shower head in the hotel dribbles out a sprinkle that barely wets your skin.  Yes there may be a fresh water shortage in the deserts of the southwest, but here in the mid-west we are swimming in water, and yet we are subject to the same stupid water flow restrictions as people living in the desert.  

Why? One size does not fit all, there is more than one solution, we need to teach judgement.  The water from Lake Erie is not going to solve a water crisis in California unless we put it in tank trucks and sell it for $5 a gallon in California.  The world is not running out of fresh water, it has fresh water in abundance, but not necessarily in the places people want it.  There is a terrible shortage of seawater in Kansas, perhaps we should restrict access to the beaches in California.  Makes as much sense as a flow restricting shower head in Cleveland. 

Ready for a summer swim? 


  1. in lake erie? no thanks. the only "swimming" I do is in my shower.

  2. I’m ready. But I wish I had a heated pool. I prefer water temp of 86 and the Mediterranean never gets that high (thankfully, I suppose; that would be awful).

  3. Only summer swims are in the cement pond the back. In fact after I hang up here I plan to go for a dip.