Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Warning Signs

Life is a little hectic of late.  I had deadlines on three major projects all within 10 days. A couple of these projects included collaborators, who haven't been collaborating.  The plan was for these things to be spread out over four weeks, but I was out almost two weeks in February with mom's death. Add to this, the Metro Rail system is doing "Major Rebuilding" on my line - to minimize time spent waiting for overcrowded trains, I am working three extra long days in the office (10-11 hours) and telecommuting the rest of the week.  I am surprised by how impacted emotionally I am by mom's death.  

The warning signs are here - someone emailed asking how I was doing and I found myself getting emotional in the office responding to the email (being honest in my answer.)  I find myself irritated by things that normally wouldn't bother me.  I wonder if it is time to think about retirement.  I fantasize about booking a trip and going away - today. I am getting close to a double red flag there.  

It is time for a little self care.  Time to take a day and do what I want to do.  Time to sleep in, or go to sleep early.  Time to let the emotions and feeling flow as they need to - time to heal. Time for me to cook and bake and feel creative.  Time to control the music and other things that enter my psyche.  Time to restore balance in my life.  

What are the warning flags in your life? 


  1. I admire your ability to see what's going on and to know you need to do something. For me, running away was always my first choice. Sleep, music, creativity, healing are probably better... but maybe they could include running away!

  2. when I start snapping at people, when I feel like I can't go on another day, when I get that overwhelming feeling in my head. then I know it's time to step back and breathe; me time, as it were.

  3. Take some time off David. No one is irreplaceable and you'll give your life a reboot. And when you come back you will see things in a fresh light.

  4. Anonymous3/15/2017

    You lost your Mum. That's one of the worst things to happen. You don't get over that you come out the other end and that doesn't happen quickly. Whatever you have to do to help with that do it.

  5. Take a deep breath and take a break. Emotions are there to feel and process. Losing or parents is a huge deal even if it has been coming for a long time and even if it ends suffering, it's still a big deal.

  6. I have a very good 'gut instinct' intuition that tells me to slow down and keep it sweet.