Tuesday, March 21, 2017


The light was changing as I approached,  rather than speed up and jump the gap like an action movie, I slowed and stopped.  I looked and the sailboat was a way out and moving slowly.  20 years ago I would have fussed and looked for a way out. This time I put the car in park and looked at the amazing surroundings.  I have developed patience.  What's the rush.  I was headed out to look at the ocean,  something I try to do when I am in Florida.  I took the extra couple of minutes to enjoy the view.

I am learning to live life, not rush through it.  To pause and smell the roses along the way.  

What was the last thing you paused to see? 


  1. now that some of last tuesday's snowpile has melted, I got to watch the deer who live in the woods behind my home tonight as they searched for food. they are solid built; no wonder they can total a car! 6-8 does ambled from property to property in search of a tasty nibble.

  2. The surf. The moon. The stars. People playing beach volleyball. Kids doing flips on the beach. I pause a lot!

  3. I think I pause all the time because I refuse to live life in a hurry and then miss most of it.

  4. I have learned to enjoy the drawbridges in Ft Lauderdale.

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