Thursday, March 09, 2017

I am

We are who we think we are, positive or negative.  If I think negative things about myself, I am more likely to have a negative experience, if I think positive things, I am more likely to have a positive experience.  I can't change reality by thinking alternative facts.  But I can change how I react to the facts.  Is it a disaster, or an opportunity?  Every hour we think - maybe even say aloud a self description.  I want to focus on the positive ones.  Hence a short list of "I am" statements. 

I am happy. 
I am wonderfully busy.
I am a person who enjoys an adventure. 
I am a person who enjoys travel. 
I am loved and I love others. 
I am proud of who I am. 
I am a person who has learned a lot and has much left to learn. 
I am happy to be able to move and be active.
I define healthy as being able to move as I wish and experience the world around me. 
I am comfortable in my skin. 
I am a reader.
I am a person who enjoys music.

Who are you today?  


  1. I am WOMAN hear me roar!
    I am intelligent.
    I am confident in my own skin.
    I have all my needs met.
    I am FABULOUS!

  2. This was a lovely post; thank you for sharing
    I am content. Enough said.