Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Do you remember perspective drawing exercises in school?  What is nearer appears larger, larger items father away appear smaller, and lines coming together as they near the horizon.  I remember trying to draw a road narrowing into the horizon.  Drawing was never my skill, now that I better understand how my weird brain works it is a visual spacial issue - the same reason I am crap at parking a car - but learning the theory made a difference in my life. Later when I studied photography - perspective was one of the typical skill drills. I remember taking photographs of the train tracks in North Branch, Michigan for one class and getting B on the assignment.  The fence and sidewalk above are a much better image.  

What can we learn about life from art? Perspective is not just a visual concept.  The issues that are nearest in our minds appear larger than they are.  I spend to much of my day dealing with the near issue, and I loose sight of the bigger issue on the horizon.  We spend too much time dealing with the close by problem, and not enough looking down the path to prevent the problems of tomorrow or next week that look small and distant today. 

Step back, take time to see the big picture - see the world in perspective.  

What did you learn from studying art in school? 


  1. I was an art major. I like putting everything in perspective. Wonderful photo!

  2. that I can't even draw a str8 line with a ruler! but I can knit!


    enjoy this little ditty about perspective

  3. Anonymous3/14/2017

    I actually went to Art School. It's the only thing I've ever been able to.

  4. Unfortunately I didn't study art at all in school. I did get private lessons in drawing and painting as an adult from an artist I collect. It is/was wonderful.
    In my painting the perspective is often achieved through muting the colors in the distance which she called adding "atmosphere". The further objects are they not only get smaller and their lines converge but also the colors loose their vibrancy.
    From this I understand why we can loose perspective in our lives as the obstacles closest to us blind us to our end goals and priorities can become lost. Important reminder.

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