Monday, March 27, 2017

People Movers

I was living in Orlando, when the "New" now dated terminal was built at Orlando International Airport.  I can remember flying in and out of the old terminal - the one that started out as an Air Force hanger.  The new terminal opened in the 1980's and featured "People Movers" automated shuttles to move passengers from the central terminal to the outlying hubs with the gates on them.  The People Movers" were state of the art, fully automated, one of a kind, built by one of the aerospace contractors there in town. Ah, back in the good old days, anyone who could clear security (and they were mostly looking for drugs and guns) could go anyplace in the airport.  Small crowds would meet incoming aircraft to meet arriving passengers.  

After 30 years in service the airport is getting new People Movers.  The new ones are very like the old ones, a little more open, lighter, brighter - less seating.  The first replacements go to the oldest part of the terminal.  Replacements for the other side will come in a few years as the shuttles on that side of the terminal age-out of service.  

A new International Terminal is being built - the first new construction at the airport in about 30 years.  

What is your favorite airport? 


  1. PHX as it means home sweet home.

  2. none of them; 30th street station in philly for my amtrak-loving butt! second choice would be union station in DC.

  3. I do like flying in and out of SFO. Some of their terminals are gorgeous!

  4. Flying out of BWI to JAX this Wednesday...I like them both.



  5. Anonymous3/27/2017

    London City. It's a taxi ride from home.

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