Saturday, March 11, 2017

Don't tell Anyone About This Place

Please don't tell anyone about the Blue Door Smokehouse in Lexington, Kentucky, but if you are within 50 100 miles of the place, it is very much worth waiting in line to get in.  

You order at the counter and give them your name, and hope that one of the handful of tables is open - if not carry it out and find someplace to eat it, it is so good it won't take long to devour.  

You must order the Brisket - there are great combos that include the Brisket, but if you miss the Brisket - well don't bother stopping.  The Pulled Pork was the tenderest and most flavorful I have had in years, I don't know how they get it that good without drying it out.  The Brisket is fork tender, with a great smoke ring, and wonderful flavor.  Sides are BBQ standards, a house made red-skin potato salad, creamy or vinegar slaw, beans, and greens.  I tried the potato salad - good - and clearly made in house, and creamy slaw.  Jay tried the greens and declared them WONDERFUL (I don't understand cooked greens - I don't know why anyone wants to eat boiled leaves.)  The place is sort of semi-self serve. It is all about the smoked meats - and if our experience was typical, this place will have people waiting to get in for as long as it wants.  

The staff is talented with beards and tattoos. 

If Diners Drive Ins and Dives hears about this place, it will be off the hook.  Please don't tell anyone about this place, I would like to be able to get in when I am back in town. 

What is your latest discovery for unexpectedly great food? 


  1. So why no Idaho and Wyoming? If you want to tour Idaho let us know we live at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers, where Lewis and Clark met the Nez Perce. Both Hub's and I are History buffs and know Idaho and Wyoming well.

    1. About 1/3 of the states I have been to on both personal travel and work, the rest I have been to for work. I have never been able to find a work reason to go to Idaho or Wyoming. I have tried to fit them in as a personal side trip on work trips a couple of times, but the long distances of travel in that part of the country take time. I will make it, I want to check off all 50, before I check off the end of the adventure.

  2. we have a bbq joint 1 mile away: chef taylor got soul!

  3. North and Ten but don't tell anyone. I'll take you next time you're here.

  4. Alas, I no not.
    My best best is to poke about the ma and pa Mexican restaurants of which we have plenty.