Thursday, March 30, 2017

Reflections In and Out

The hubby was recently here for 10 days - his spring break.  He will be back in early May for the summer.  For nearly a decade of our nearly 25 years together, we have split time between two homes, with careers in two cities 435 miles apart.  We pass in and out of one another's lives about half of the year living together, and about half of the year living separately. It works for us.  We are both strongly independent, but we also both benefit from being together. It is always strange the first couple of days after he leaves, coming home to an empty house. I love to cook, and it is easier to cook for two.  He pays attention to details around the house that I either don't notice, or notice and ignore.  When he is in Lexington, we video chat every day (gmail video chat.)  So we "see" one another every day.  

We are making plans for his retirement, for selling the second house, for being in the same home all of the time again. It will be nice. If all goes as planned, we will have a firm timeline for a plan, next fall.  Each time we transition in and out of the two homes, I think about how life will change when we are once again, back in the same home full time.  

What will change for you in retirement? 


  1. We've had many friends who have successfully spent their married lives in separate parts of the country or world for more than half their time. Jerry have done so a few times for two to three months and couldn't hack it.

  2. the word "retire" is not in my vocabulary. I saw what retirement did to my in-laws; they sat on their asses and watched h8 tv all day. lung cancer and pneumonia took them. NO THANK YOU!

    I like my job, I like the freedom a small business offers (as opposed to corporate amerikkka crap), I like going to the gym, I like being active.

  3. Will trade the hustle & bustle of D.C./Balto for the serenity of the mountains of Alleghany Co., Va.

    If I want hustle/bustle, Roanoke is about 40 scenic miles to the south.



  4. I retire aug 1st! Roll on

  5. Indeed, this is one of the happiest, most delightful blog posts I've ever read. Out of Hooterville, the eternal stupidities of my workplace, and back with my Poopsie. O rapture! (And I do nothing quite well; it's a rare talent.)

  6. I hope his retirement is a splendid one for both of you.

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