Monday, March 06, 2017


During one of the recent trips to Florida I slipped away one afternoon to explore the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area. I had not been there in about 30 years. Tosohatchee is about 5 miles south west of Christmas Florida. It has changed a lot in the past 30 years, a large track of additional land was added a few years ago. The trails / roads have been expanded and improved - though they are still sand and crushed rock.  

Two Sandhill Cranes were in the middle of the road.  As I slowly approached, they moved faster, seeming to not want to be passed.  Eventually the pair went off the side of road into the grass.  I rolled the window down and was able to get several great photographs as I passed.  What pretty birds.  

Do you enjoy a slow drive in the wilderness? 


  1. Now that we have a car, we're about to start exploring the sanctuaries and wildlife refuges here in Southern Spain. Sure hope the birds pose for us, too.

  2. you gotta slow down in those places cause ya might miss something! such a pretty bird!

  3. Yes!

    I recommend Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary near Upper Marlboro, for driving, hiking, horseback riding, etc.



  4. I try to get out and walk abit or I won't see it.