Friday, March 03, 2017

Travel Plans 2017

All of a sudden travel planning for 2017 is kicking into high gear.  Here is what currently is planned:

January - Florida to visit family and friends - most of them were a mess, Blitz the wonder Dog has lost weight and looks great. 

February - Back to Florida for dying family 

February - long weekend in Kentucky visiting my sweet husband

February - back to Florida for mom's funeral 

March - Chicago for a one day conference on end of life 

April - Boston for a conference 

May - Chicago for a long weekend break - hubby has a conference 

June - I have a board meeting in Newport Rhode Island - Hubby is going with me 

November - Conference and board meeting in Newport Beach, California, with a planned side trip to San Diego to see Fearless and via Phoenix to see Dr. Spo and Someone (I said I would add some personal days onto work travel this year.) 

My father is also a hospice patient, so there will likely be another trip or more to Florida.  

The picture above? When the going gets tough I think of the wonderful places I have been, and the places I want to see.  I am building up frequent flyer miles for 2018.  

Where are you going this year? What are your most memorable adventures? Where do you dream about going?  


  1. wELL, My next big trip is to South America this spring Argentina. Can't wait and been on bucket list for some time. The next spot will be Budapest on the bucket list. England could happen too this year, but not sure yet.

  2. THAT is a spectacular image. So sorry about how this year has started out.

  3. you will SO enjoy fearsome beard! he is a special friend of mine.

  4. Who wouldn't recognize Mont St. Michel? I bought an old postcard book in an antique store back in 1979 in NH of St. Malo nearby and have wanted to see it in person since then.

  5. Anonymous3/03/2017

    Tenerife in a couple of weeks I hope, then Scotland for a family wedding in April.

  6. Mt. St. Michelle? I think I recognize that little hill. I hope I spelled it right. It is a beautiful place. I sailed into there on a North Sea RSVP Cruise. Breathtaking way to approach it. It was one of my most memorable adventures.
    This year Florida, New York and Virginia are my destinations.
    Where do I dream of that I've yet to encounter? New Zealand.

  7. alas I am going nowhere
    I am already looking forward to November.

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