Monday, March 20, 2017

At home Near Water

I feel most at home, near the water.  There was a creek, kind of a babbling brook that ran along the western boarder of the farm were I grew up.  When I was about 12 we had a pond excavated on the farm.  I spent a couple of weeks every summer as a kid with my Aunt and Uncle at Lake Orion, with a boat in the back yard. The first couple of winters my parents spent in Titusville, Florida, they rented a condo in the complex above on the Indian River.  I loved being there on the water.  

The Indian River is really a tidal estuary, the water is brackish, you can pass through a canal and be in the ocean within 20 miles in either direction.  At Titusville, the river is 2-3 miles wide, with the barrier island that the Kennedy Space Center sits between Titusville and the Atlantic Ocean.  

I missed the water when I lived in Kentucky.  We were a few miles from the Kentucky River, there was one local creek, but no real lakes.  There are no natural lakes in the state of Kentucky.  

Shortly after I moved to the Washington DC area, I was out on the terrace one morning, and realized that I could smell the water - I was then, as I am now, less than half-a-mile from the Potomac River.  

I have never owned a boat, I keep saying some-day. 

Do you like being near the water?   


  1. I have always felt the need to live near water, and lakes aren't enough for me. I loved living in the desert for a time but really missed the sea. Our location now is heaven for me.

  2. I like the sound of ocean waves and the smell of salt air. but in my heart I am a city kid.

  3. Yep...been swimming, canoeing/kayaking, windsurfing, etc., for many years!



  4. I grew up near the Atlantic Ocean but for the past 31 years have lived in PA.
    I'd dearly love to live by the ocean again but the price of waterfront real estate is so expensive now.

  5. I love being NEAR the water but not actually IN it.

    I loved in Monterey, California, for two years, about a mile from the ocean. The air was filled with moisture, and my sinuses were never better.

    My husband and i used to spend a week or two every summer on the coast in Maine, the Down East part. We would sit on the lawn of our inn and watch the goings on at the beach down below. We would spend hours driving around the coastal towns, in and out and up and down various streets and stretches of highway, looking at the ocean. It's been seven years since we were there. I miss it!

  6. I can catch just a tiny glimpse of both San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean from my bedroom window. I must be near water.

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