Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Otto by Mario Batali in Las Vegas

I have had amazing luck over the years at getting in to eat at top restaurants without reservations.  One trick is to go for lunch and in the evening go early, another is to be willing to sit alone at the bar, that got me into Otto by Mario Batali in Las Vegas, and K-Pauls in New Orleans.  My best was out-pouting the maĆ®tre d' at Altitude 95 on the Eiffel Tower on Christmas day, he walked away and one of the servers found us an open table for a memorable Christmas dinner. I have not gotten in a few times, but generally found something quite nice around the corner.  I was turned away from the door at Maxims in Paris, I was wearing jeans, boots, a wool sweater (that I still own) and a leather coat.  The doorman didn't want to let me out of the taxi in front of the restaurant, as I was not properly dressed, I went around the corner and dropped $100 on a very nice lunch (this was in 1991 - that was a lot of money for lunch) the food was wonderful and the place very welcoming. I try to think and plan ahead and make reservations.  We took my parents to the Emeril Lagasse restaurant that was at Universal. It was great fun, the service was way over the top; my mother got a real kick out of it.  I wonder if they have fresh fish on the menu? 


  1. do any of these places serve you herring? ;-b

  2. You lost me with the "fresh fish on the menu." I know I'm in the minority here but I avoid restaurants with fish, fresh or not but more often that fish isn't fresh. Give me a good veggie restaurant. I can do without the mercury.

  3. Fresh fish in the middle of a roasting desert? This doesn't sound advisable.