Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Its Complicated

Concourse Level Union Station Washington DC
I have struggled somewhat with the BBC dropping Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear.  He is a creative genius, the chemistry between Clarkson, Hammond and May has created memorable television.  And yet, he is politically incorrect, maybe racist, sexist and frequently homophobic.  I am occasionally offended by things that he says. And yet I find him entertaining. He has turned a lot of people off, a lot of people refused to watch because of they found him offensive, and yet he drew a huge audience. Is it the entertainment, or the morbid curiosity - kind of like watching a train wreck. And in the end Clarkson was a train wreck, a 30 minute tirade aimed at a producer, ending with a short physical altercation,  Clarkson took a swing at the producer, crossing the line and ending his time with the BBC.  I have to agree with BBC's decision, taking a swing crossed a line.  Even if it was at someone who had failed to do their job, failed to take care of the over sized ego that made the show work.  And yet, I hate to see the show go.  BBC can hire new presenters, tweak the format and try to keep the show going, but it will not be the same.  They should ask NBC about changing personalities on the Tonight Show (what a disaster.)  If someone else had said the things that Clarkson did, would I have been offended to the extent of tuning out?  We allow people we like to get away with saying and doing things that we won't let others say or do.  Did I overlook his sexist and homophobic remarks because I liked him?  Quite possibly.  But I will sincerely miss the show.  It is complicated.


  1. David,
    Not familiar with this show. You have aroused my curiosity.

  2. I watched it a few times. But cars aren't my thing, so I never got hooked on it. Clarkson's homophobia and blatantly racist and sexist attitudes sort of turned me off. No loss.

    Peace <3