Saturday, April 25, 2015

Blooming Season

DC has a blooming season, sometime between late March and Late April the cherry trees bloom, along with every other blooming tree in the park.  The bloom brings out the blooming idiots - thousands of them wandering, stopping, looking up and not paying any attention to anything.  They stand in the middle of the sidewalk, they stand in the middle of the grass, they fall into the water, they stop and stand in the middle of the street, awestruck by the bloom and acting like blooming idiots.  Now DC has its share of blooming idiots, think of Congress, It is a pretty time of the year, a very pretty bloom, just watch out for the blooming fools.


  1. I do think that there are more blooming idiots in congress than there are blooming trees.

  2. oh gawd, the blooming touristas used to piss me off the most when I lived down there!

  3. The last time I visit Washington in bloom was in 1962. I really have to get back there. Looks like I'll miss it this year too. Pat and I plan to visit at the end of May. I assume all the blooming will be over by then except for the blooming idiots in Congress.