Saturday, March 04, 2017

What Have I Been Reading 3rd Edition

I just finished devouring Best Food Writing 2016 edited by Holly Hughs. It is an annual collection of essays and articles about food.  It was really very good, as an anthology should be, a collection of the best in the arena.  The selections include everything from confessions of a professional eater (restaurant critic) who loves to eat junk food, to a review of box or food kits (didn't like them,) to a day long tasting of 24 vintage bourbons, and an ode to the American Diner.  

If you love to eat, and love to travel, I recommend you try this sampler of great writing.  The chapters are short - making it an ideal read for 5 minutes here and there.  It is available in print and as an E-Book for Kindle.  

So what are you reading this week? 


  1. I just finished "Girl On The Train" (simply because I wondered). I haven't figured out what to pick up next. I don't think Best Food Writing 2016 will do it for me... too much like cooking.

  2. I started Game of Thrones; I have an arm full of medical magazines too.