Friday, March 17, 2017

Pretty Birds

I never know when I explore the trails at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge what I am going to find.  Spoonbills, herons, anhingas, various ducks and alligators are most common. 

On my most recent visit I spotted this flock of white birds and stopped and zoomed in.  It is a colony of white pelicans.  Brown pelicans are much more common in this area, the white one's are a real treat.  Pretty birds.  

Have you seen any pretty birds recently?  


  1. aside from my everyday blue jays and cardinals, no. and I am not talking baseball teams here either!

    but I have never seen a white pelican in the wild.

  2. Gulls and terns and monk parakeets. Hoping to go exploring and see something different soon.

  3. I see various hawks through the winter, and have seen them dining on carrion shoulder-to-shoulder with vultures...I think black vultures are handsome birds.



  4. We love our lorikeets. They cheer our souls, just for the price of a bit of bird seed and a bit of bread. We only have a small back yard, but it is enlivened beyond imagination by the visits every day by up to 20 or 30 of these birds. They're pretty noisy, but we find it a happy sound.

  5. At DTW I saw a rugby team en route to Seattle.

  6. I still marvel at the hummingbirds drinking at my small fountain out front by the King Palm.