Thursday, March 23, 2017

Blogging Everyday

My creative energies seem to be all flowing into my work at the moment, I have sat here trying to think of creative things to write blog postings about - and I got nothing.  I don't want to break my unbroken streak of posting everyday, so I will reveal how I blog everyday. 

I create posts ahead of time and schedule them for posting automatically.  I look at the scheduled list every couple of days, and edit, moving things to different days, sometimes reverting them to draft.  Most of my postings are written and scheduled a week or two before they are posted.  I keep a backlog of partially completed draft postings, that I can draw on, when my creative energies are running low.  This posting was a draft, it started out talking about shoes, colors, and fashion,  I love the strong colors in the picture - I am re-purposing it to talk about creativity and blogging.  I tend to write 2 to 4 postings in a sitting, frequently on a weekend.  I try to keep at least a week ahead.  If I am going to be traveling, or I know an especially busy time is nearing, I try to schedule a couple of weeks worth of postings.  

For me the heart of every posting is a picture, I have about 100-gigabytes of digital photos to draw on.  A really great image, and the posting writes itself. 

My personal reason for posting everyday, was to develop my ability to write.  The discipline of turning out 7 postings a week, has made a difference.  I don't know if my postings are any better, but creating postings is certainly easier.  I will keep doing this as long as it is fun.  

How do you decide what to post? How do you create postings? 


  1. I write about what is happening at my house. Some days I draw from post I have written still in draft. typing with one finger. Not one on each hand, just the right index finger.

  2. other than my saturday night dance/protest party, I write when the mood strikes me. I don't wanna bore people with "I woke up/went to work/came home/went to bed" crap.

  3. First is I rather enjoy your posts.
    Secondly I write several times a week. The beards get posted every day and for the most part I find a beard each morning that fits how I feel that morning. The writing comes as I have a feeling I wish to explore deeper or if I run into something that motivates me. Rarely do I write anything in advance, what you see is typically my thoughts on that day.

  4. I tend to write everyday over coffee.
    My blog, unlike yours is more of a narrative .
    But it is interupted by film and walking dead news.....
    I seldon know what i am going to type before i type it

  5. Anonymous3/24/2017

    I usually write once a week. It's generally trivial that I turn into a drama. I can be a diva you know!

  6. I shall write a blog entry on this very topic! thank you! (send me the bill with reasonable attorneys fees).

  7. i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.