Monday, February 25, 2019

Visiting Family

It was fun to spend time with J's family in Cleveland.  Neither of us spend a lot of time with our families, generally small doses are just fine. 

I will be seeing my two brothers during a work trip to Florida.  I am going to Disney with my middle brother, he has worked for the Rodent Empire for 41 years this month.  My oldest brother has not committed to a time, but plans are to meet him for lunch or dinner.  I see them separately, they haven't  talked to one another in 18 months, they 35 miles from one another. Middle brother's house is a mess that drives older brother crazy (I have not been in Middle brother's house in 20 years - it his little world - he can live as he chooses to live)  oldest brother never invites anyone to visit.  I doubt my middle brother has my oldest brother's address.  My sister is back living in Michigan. I visited her last August, and will likely go back sometime this summer.  Her hubby has a brother who works three blocks from where I do, they have visited DC several times.  Hubby has had a series of health challenges and they have not been traveling much.  I do hope Pete is soon feeling well enough to travel again.  

Gee, that is more about my siblings in one posting, than in the past dozen years of blogging.  

Anyone still awake? 
Is your family just as dysfunctional?   


  1. I hope you have a pleasant time visiting your brothers.
    Should I be thankful that I don't have any siblings??

    1. BTW - I have some relatives who haven't spoken to each other for over fifty years!! I'm not kidding.

    2. Jon, 50 years - sounds like my mother's family

  2. I think most families are dysfunctional. Seems to come with the territory.

  3. My family makes others look like the Waltons. I love 'em tho.

  4. I don't speak to my family at all. they are toxic and not worth my time.

  5. I look bald and grey in that pic. Burn it.