Thursday, February 21, 2019


Extinct, as is no more living animals or plants of a variety left.  I saw the last Dusky Seaside Sparrow, before it died, passing the tiny bird into extinction. The Dusky was native to the pine marshes of east central Florida, the last pair were captured and taken to Disney in Orlando who attempted, unsuccessfully a captive breeding program.  They are as gone, as good ideas for creative blog postings this morning.   


  1. the spo BoD must have captured your inspiration. they are holding it hostage in lieu of strong drink as a ransom note.

  2. Yes, some days there's simply no good ideas left. That's why my blog is about farts today.

    1. Blogging about farts isn't a good idea? Who knew?

  3. That thing is awfully huge for a sparrow! I think this is a very creative way of saying I got nuthin'. I marvel at anyone who can maintain a blog day after day, year after year.

  4. Dinosaurs are always a good back up for blogging especially The jurassic period.