Wednesday, February 06, 2019

The Way We Were Wednesday - Flying

I grew up around little airplanes and little airports in Michigan and Florida.  My mother was never really fond of flying.  I was my father's flying companion in my teenage years.  I have a lot of fond memories of flying.  I look back at it, and realize how unusual my experience was.  It felt very normal to me, but few people had the experiences that I did.  

The plane in the picture, was an experimental test model for Piper.  It is no longer registered, when the testing was done, it was disassembled and scrapped.  I took this picture at the Piper factory in Vero Beach, Florida in the early 70's.   

Have you flown in private aircraft? 


  1. nope; with my fear of heights, I wouldn't.

  2. Nope. And would love to. The smallest planes I’ve ever been on have been 12-passenger. Couldn’t stand up. Couldn’t fit my knees behind the seat in front. So much fun.

  3. No, I've never been in a small private plane like that. My uncle was killed piloting a small plane in the 1960s. Such a traumatic event for his whole family.

  4. H to the E to the double L NO!