Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Staying Out Of Trouble

Travel can be an adventure, at times I have gone out of my way, to stay out of the way of trouble.  I have encountered street protests, in Paris, Rome and Athens.  General or transit strikes in Athens and Rome (the one in Rome was for four hours.)  I have worked my way around political protests in London, Chicago and of course Washington DC.  There were riots in London one trip. 

I go around, stay away, don't take sides, don't voice my opinion.  It is fairly easy to do.  

There are places I have not traveled to because I am uncomfortable with security (Egypt for example.) 


  1. Dear, I have two life long friends who are Egyptian, and even they dont even go back to visit loved ones.

    Many places are becoming dangerous. My brother in law is Greek. Athens he says is not what it used to be. He and my sister go less and less every year. He is trying to get his mother to move here.

  2. your photo...chicago...1968...convention riots..."the whole world is watching"...

    1. I saw that laying on the side of the street, and thought it would make a good post at some point.

  3. I refuse to go to Egypt too. We turned down a chance to go with friends on a cruise down the Nile this autumn.

  4. It is sad to consider the number of places I won't go. Some people are not as cautious, but I figure it's a risk just going out some days; no sense in courting disaster. Glad you held onto that photo.

  5. My longing to travel is overruled by my fears of travel. I think everyplace is like Egypt.