Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Car Colors

The Convertible, is the fourth car I  have owned with a very light colored interior and my fifth car with white paint.  The nearly white interior was not my first choice.  It will require a little extra care, to keep it looking good.  

Let see what have I owned. 

  1. Oldsmobile 88, Maroon with black interior 
  2. Oldsmobile 88, White with green interior
  3. Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon, blue with white leather interior 
  4. VW Rabbit Diesel, Lemon Yellow with black interior 
  5. Renault  LeCar, White with gray interior 
  6. Toyota Corolla, White with tan interior 
  7. Toyota Corolla, White with blue interior 
  8. Honda Civic, Charcoal Grey, with grey interior
  9. Mazda GLC Wagon, Tan with tan interior 
  10. Honda Accord, Red with light tan interior 
  11. Honda Accord, White with blue interior
  12. Honda Accord, Blue-green, with blue interior 
  13. Saturn SL2, Gold with tan interior
  14. Cadillac Eldorado, Crimson with white interior 
  15. Mazda 3 hatch, Grey with black interior 
  16. VW Eos, White with nearly white interior.  
I think I have ever only said no to a car once, because of color, when I was in the Accord phase, the dealer tried to get me to take a strange green color once.  I have never gone shopping for a car with a color in mind.  

I owned numbers 6&7 at the same time, one for me, one for the spouse.  The only one I regret parting with was the GLC Wagon.  It was a "grey market" import.  That model was not sold in the continental United States the year it was built.  It had been a rental car in Puerto Rico, shipped from PR to the states and sold as a used car. It was an older simpler design. It was so handy, I should have kept it when I bought the first Accord.  I had three new Honda Accords in 4 years, a 1990, 1992, and a 1994.  The 94 I kept a long time.  The VW Rabbit, was the correct color, it was a lemon, I only kept it a year - and it had the engine torn down and rebuilt a couple of times in that year.  LeCar was the first car I bought new, in about 30 minutes on my way to work one morning.  It had the coldest air conditioning of any car I have ever seen (ice would form on the dash vents.) It also had a canvass sunroof- great fun.  

Does color matter to you when buying a car? 


  1. nope, I want the car to get me from point A to point B, nothing more.

  2. No, colour doesn't matter to me, just the car itself.

  3. Not if it costs too much. I will say this though, for the life of me I will never own another white car with powder blue interior again! Depressing!

  4. wow that's a lot of cars!
    I had a lawyer patient who told me he was OK with his car but he was pressured by his firm to get rid of it for a 'proper' car lest he embarrass the firm. Did you have to do something like that?