Saturday, February 16, 2019


Orchids, the first big collections I saw of them, was at Leu Gardens in Orlando.  One of the gardners, sent me off to a greenhouse that supplied the gardens.  It was fascinating, the guy at the greenhouse explained how time consuming and complicated it was to capture and germinate the seeds, how long crosses and changes took.  Jump forward 30 years, and most Orchids bought today, are clones.  Cloning reduced the time and cost of reproduction dramatically.  

What changes will happen in the next 30 years? 


  1. orchids are beautiful and delicate (like me). longwood gardens has a fabu orchid room; mistress maddie has photographed it many times. right now they are featuring their orchids:

  2. Love orchids! Among the most beautiful of flowers!

  3. My 'big brother' is THE professor at Kew on orchids/epiphtyes.