Saturday, February 02, 2019

Reading Again

Everytime I post about how much reading I do, I get comments about how do you get so much reading done.  Here are the answers. 

  • I read fast, I always have.  I learned to read without learning to spell.  The effect, is my brain recognizes the pattern of letters, and does not spell them out, resulting in being able to read very fast. 
  • On a typical work day, I have a 45 minute commute in each direction, with a change of subway lines.  The net effect of that is 60 to 90 minutes of reading time five days a week.  I read about 50 pages an hour, hence a 200 page book, can be read in 3 to 4 days.  
  • I tend to read when I am flying.  I spent something like 100 hours in the air last year.  
  • I sometimes read on the treadmill at the gym, there are a couple more hours a week, another book a month if you will.  
I am almost exclusively an e-book reader.  My faithful Kindle is a basic black and white version, with very long battery life and a very simple design.  It is easier and faster to read on that a tablet or phone.  On phones the screen it to small.  On tablets (I have a couple of them, an I-Pad (that I love) and a Samsung Galaxy tablet, the color display bring more detail to distract me from reading, and the shorter battery life result in more time when I am unable to read.  

I occasionally read print books. Print works better for things that are illustrated or have lots of images such as cook books, some travel guides.  I also run into some books that are not available in e-edition.  I have been known to wait for the Kindle edition to be released.  I recently talked one published into sending me an electronic copy of the proofs of a soon to be released book, so I can do a review (and not have to wait six-months for that publisher to release a Kindle edition.)  

How much time are you able to read each week? 


  1. Like you and, although I don't commute, it's easy for me to find time to read. An hour in the morning, an hour or more at night, a train ride to somewhere means another hour. Any flight. Sometimes the best therapy.

  2. I seem to be knitting more than reading these days. I DO read my fave blogs and the morning newspaper. but it has been a while since I picked up a real paper book.

  3. Read?!?!? I only look at picture books dear.

  4. I spend a couple of hours per day reading blogs, but reading novels? Maybe a couple of hours per week, if I apply myself. There's just so much else to do!

  5. I read a couple of hours a day--usually in the bathroom and in bed before sleep hits. I read books exclusively. I like the feel of a book in my hands. I use our public library for all my reading needs. I also listen to books on CD when I do random tasks around the house. I get these from the library, too. I listen while cooking, grooming. doing laundry, while driving, etc. Right now, I have two books going--a paperback and one on CD.

    Last year I read 166 titles. These are not tomes--the are almost exclusively novels. I have so many unsettling things going on in my life right now that books are my escape, and "feel good" titles calm me.

  6. Reading has been my passion since I first learned at five. Like BethB, I've always read to escape. I had books stacking up with no place to put them so about ten years ago, BH bought me a Kindle Fire. That thing had to be charged every other day! We thought I'd save money because e-books are so much cheaper than print books. Wrong! I ended up buying twice to three times as many! Switched over to a Kindle White. Basic black and white and only needs charging weekly. I still get biographies in hardcover but my popcorn reading is kindle all the way. I like a lot of popcorn. I do the bulk of my reading at night because I wake up periodically. The thing about an e-reader is that you don't have to turn on lights and disturb other people. I think I read about two to three books a week.

  7. Good for you! I am mad-jealous. My commutes are in cars, where I listen to podcasts. I am trying to carry a book with me all the time for reading when I can. I made a vow to read 20 books this year - so far only one.