Sunday, February 10, 2019

Old is Relative

Having been around for six decades, some think I am old.  Old is relative.  One of the reasons we need to travel, and explore is to get perspective.  When I was a teenager one of my grandmother's cousin's visited from England for a couple of weeks.  We took him to a history museum in Detroit and he commented that things we thought of as old, were barely out of date.  25 years later when I first visited Rome I was reading the description on a sculpture in the Vatican Museum, I was stuck by the fact the sculpture had been in that spot since 1776 - as long as the USA has been a country. Looking at the dinosaur bones, I am but a blink in time.  It is all relative.  

What makes you feel young?   


  1. Your right, we are but a slight, mere blink in time.

    The beach makes me feel young, as do some fun things I do unexpectedly. Some things I won't mention. But I don't feel middle aged at all.

  2. at age 64.5, I don't feel it. hanging with my blog friends, work, knitting, disco music keep me sane and happy.

  3. Nothing makes me feel young anymore. I wish I could find something that does.

  4. People make me feel young. My friends are of all ages and I often forget where I fall in the spectrum.