Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Way We Were Wednesday - 4-H

4-H is a youth service organization for rural areas.  My sister joined, because friends of hers did.  I joined because she did.  I was kind of an outsider to the group, I did different things, photography, crafts and honey bees.  Bees were a sure fire win at the county fair, as there were not very many people showing bees.  The box, under the poster, has live bees in it.  I have three grand-champion ribbons, one for bees and two for crafts.  I have held onto them.  

I miss seeing the agricultural exhibits at county fairs.  

Were you in 4-H or something like it?   


  1. nope. I wanted to join the girl scouts, but my dumbass "parents" wouldn't let me.

  2. I spent three years in 4-H. Two years of sewing (an apron and a skirt) and one year of crafts. The only things I have left of 4-H are two pillowcases on which I embroidered kittens and flowers. Fifty years later, they're in use on my bed right now!

  3. My sweet, talented little bunny!

  4. I wasn't aware of 4H existed until I was in college of something.
    I am not certain if it still exists?

    1. Yes, it does apparently. In rural areas.

  5. First of all, from here, that poster looks like an ad for some kind of weird vibrating sex toy!
    4H? Nope. An occasional field trip to the San Diego Zoo was real treat though. Never even went to a fair until I was grown and we were only about a half an hour away from the Del Mar fairgrounds.