Saturday, September 15, 2018

Unseen in My City

My boss asked me to attend a meeting in the Capital one morning recently.  I took the Red line two stops in the other direction from my usual and exited at Union Station.  And all of a sudden I realized that I was in my own backyard, and I hadn't been there in over a year.  Union Station underwent major repairs over the past few years, restoring the ceiling and removing the restaurant and bar installed in the 1970's that glutted up the center of the main space.  It really looks great. It shows it's age, and reflects a grandeur of public spaces of 101 years ago (thank you google!) 

I need to get out and see what is in my city.  Visiting government sites has not been as exciting over the past 19 months, but there is an election coming up.  

What is in your city that you haven't seen in too long?    


  1. First, we got to see Union Station in July after 32 years! Beautiful. And the surrounding neighborhood was also unrecognizable. Our city isn't big enough to miss much. But haven't been to a number of the museums of Málaga for a while.