Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Farm

The farm was about 70 miles due north of Detroit. It is no longer owned by the family, but it is forever a part of our adventure. My grandfather bought an 80 acre farm in the middle of World War II. A coworker was settling an estate and needed to sell it.  He knew my grandfather was careful with a dollar (always had a little cash) and suggested that he buy it.  He did.  The farm is still 1.5 miles from the nearest paved road. 

Sometime in the mid-50's my parents built a small home around the corner from the original farmhouse.  I was raised there.  Above is the driveway to the original farm house.  Those trees have been there for at least 70 years.  

After my grandfather died in 1976 my grandmother sold the back 40 acres.  A couple of years later she sold my father the front half, and he gave my sister the smaller house I was raised in and a couple of acres of land, and he and my mother moved into the old farm house.  A couple of years later he sold the rest of the farm to a neighbor (for . twice what he paid my grandmother two years earlier.) My sister lost the small house in a divorce almost a decade ago.   
Original Farm House 


  1. So much history. I’m surprised it’s still so rural.

  2. wonder who owns it now and what are they doing with it?

  3. What a wonderful family photo to have still. I too wonder, do you know who owns the farm now?