Friday, September 28, 2018

Strange Things Around the House #4

I remember my mother unwrapping these two ruby glass cups.  They had been a part of her childhood, when her parents sold their farm in the early 1960's her mother packed a couple of boxes for mom. She didn't know what was in the boxes, the boxes sat in storage for a couple of years before she unpacked the boxes. These were in the boxes.  They are engraved Ashley, Michigan.  My mother went to high school there.  These were midway prizes from a traveling circus or carnival.  I don't know if my mother collected them in her childhood, or her mother in hers, or maybe her grandparents.  There were a connection to the first place she called home.  When I was emptying out mom and dad's house, I slipped them in my bag, a connection to a connection to a place I have never been.  



  1. Those are very pretty and a poignant memory for your mother, I am sure. I have heard that these carnival prizes are very collectible now. However, I would not sell them. I am not sure about back then. Do you know when they were won? Those are a sweet memory that I would leave out. Be careful washing them. that gold might fade or come off.

  2. Oh so many things with sweet memories attached, you’ll likely not part with.

  3. Those are very pretty, and not strange at all! Midway prizes where so much better back in the day! I envy your sweet memories.