Saturday, September 29, 2018

Strange Things Around the House #5

Okay, enough of this, five strange things in one week.

An odd little photograph.  It is tattered and faded from decades of being cherished.  This is a photo of the last plane my father owned.  I have used a scan of the image on the blog before.  I have written about the airplane, some of my early memories of childhood.  I have my father's flying log books, it was amazing looking back at the record of his adventures in flying.  

This particular print my father carried in his wallet from sometime in the early 1960's until his death.  It is about the only thing I have removed from his wallet (I have it here in my safe.) I remember him beaming with pride when he would pull it out to show to people.  It is precious beyond measure for me.   

What will they find in your wallet? 


  1. less than $1, credit/debit cards, membership cards, insurance card, etc.

  2. The same stuff that Anne Marie has in hers. I will include my driver's license with my picture which may be mistaken for a Samoan man in a flowerdy shirt. Haven't had a new one done in years. Love thru the mail renewals.

  3. Nothing of interest here. I hope you’ll scan that photo to preserve it as it is. So special.