Wednesday, September 05, 2018

The Way We Were Wednesday

My sister shared with me some old, very old, family photos.  This one is my maternal grandfather, my mother's father Dale Harp.  Along with his much older brother Harry, and his sister Opal.  Yes, that is him, with the wonderful curly wavy hair.  He died in 1976, in his early 70's, with a full head of snow white hair.  

He was very critical of the long-haired hippies of the 1960's, if only I had seen this picture (and there is a second one in the collection taken a year or so later) I'd have had a counter to his comments about hair.  

What do you think? 

And the hair continued into adulthood, this is my mother as a baby with her father. 


  1. whoops, I thought that was a girl in the middle; sorry, dear. opal was a pretty girl. turn of the century photos are interesting.

  2. Following on anne marie's comments, it IS fascinating how little boys were dressed in those days. As for the hair, I wish you HAD seen that photo earlier. That would have been one hilarious conversation with your grandfather. What a treasure to have.

  3. Ah, the glorious days of cross dressing little boys! You never saw little girls in pants though. Hmmm. Nobody ever looked happy in these old photos. I am reminded of Jamey Johnson's song "In Color" when I see these. I always think of the past in sepia tones.

  4. bow ties are cool