Thursday, September 20, 2018

Places in the Past

This is the first home my parents owned.  When they married my parents lived with my father's parents just a block away.  After a year or so, my parents bought a lot, and had a company build the shell, install the roof, windows and siding.  My father did the plumbing, wiring, the drywall, built the kitchen cabinets, installed and finished hardwood floors.  They moved in before the drywall and floors were finished.  My mother swore she would never live through building another house (living in it while it was being finished had to be hell.) 

The moved in to the house in 1952.  I have pictures of my brothers in the house and playing in yard and in the snow in the street.  Three of four years later, they sold this house and moved to the farm.  For a while they lived in the farm house while building a tiny house around the corner.  A couple of years later my grandparents moved to the farm.  Again, my parents lived just around the corner from my father's parents.  My sister and I were born after the family moved to the farm. 

My parents talked about the first house, but never went by to see it.  I didn't know where it was, until my most recent trip to Detroit.  I found the address in my parents files, drove by and took a picture.  I didn't know they were a block from my grandparents house until last month. 

I have built three homes, owned five of them.  When I am back in Orlando I drive by those first three homes, slow down, notice the changes, take pictures.  They are a part of who I am, and where I am today.  The profit from the first one, got me into the second one.  The third one helped me get out my a really bad relationship (it was a rented, I paid the tenant to move out so my Ex could move in.)  Number four will be sold later this year as my husbear retires, and the condo is now home.  House four was new, four out of the five homes I have owned were new.  

What stories do you have of old family homes? 

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  1. my parental units still live in the new house they bought for $18,750 in 1958.

    I owned a new condo in VA (built 1985) and now a house in PA (built 1941). this house is solid, jackson! (unlike most newer homes today).