Friday, September 21, 2018

Fiddling Around With The Best

Stradivari defines quality.  The best of the best, made to last and to simply be the best.  Everyone should have something in their life that is simply the best.  The joy of quality lasts much longer than the pleasure of a cheap price tag.  30+ years ago I was shopping for a very fast bicycle.  A couple of shops laughed at me, and tried to get me to buy a cheaper, slower less well made bike.  I moved on and kept looking.  I wanted something frighteningly fast and responsive that shifted like a dream.  I finally found it, the shop owner was honest, he said, "it is more bike than you need, but if you buy it you will have the ride of your life" and he threw in the helmet just in case.  I still own it, ride it once in a while, it was the best of the best 30+ years ago, and still frighteningly fast. In over 10,000 miles I never crashed it, only had it slide out from under me once.  

So the violins above, or as their last owner called them fiddles.  Henry Ford was born on a farm, and grew up playing country or folk music on a fiddle.  For about 20 years as he built the Company, he had no time for fiddling around. As success settled in, he decided to pick up his old pastime.  Being one of the richest people in the country, when he went fiddle shopping, these are what he brought home.  

Simply the best, 


  1. Violins are certainly pretty. My cousin is the lead violaist for the Chattanooga Symphony. They intrigue me. But I myself have always been a woodwind player.

  2. Even if one doesn’t appreciate the music they make, they ARE works of art.

  3. @maddie - sure you are, gurl! that one-hole skin flute sure makes some pretty "music"!

    WHY NOT own the best! you get what you pay for...

  4. Violins are nice, but I love to hear percussion. R.I.P. Vickie Sue Robinson.
    I agree with Mitchell. They are works of art, no matter how my baby sister massacred hers.

  5. I don't give a fiddle.