Wednesday, May 16, 2018


For years I didn't eat breakfast.  It was a bad habit that started as a teenager with nasty allergies that often left me feeling icky in the morning.  And continued into adulthood.  As the decades started to add up, I increasingly need to eat something in the morning, to kick start the metabolism.  The allergies are mostly a thing of the past (to some extent a result of living with year around climate control.) 

Most mornings breakfast is toast at the desk in my bedroom.  When I travel, I love to go out to breakfast.  On the ground floor of The Hotel Chicago is a restaurant named Yolk, specializing in breakfast.  Oh my, how good.  I slipped in the side door from the hotel lobby, bypassing the line at the front door.  I was seated at the bar overlooking the kitchen. A seat at the bar is a fun option when I am traveling alone, frequently there is no wait at the bar, and I get a nice show with my meal.  I had Pot-roast Eggs Benedict.  It was perfect.  And the expediter knows how to wear a pair of jeans.  

Would you let him handle your huevos? 


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    1. PS - I took a detailed look at their menu...OMB, so many good choices! could I try one of everything to bring the expediter to my table multiple times? wonder what the front view looks like? yeah, the dirty old lady, that's me!

  2. I love breakfasts, for they are associated with leisure time and/or being on holiday.
    I like my heavos over easy.

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