Saturday, May 26, 2018

New Orleans Originals

I first went to New Orleans in 1984, to visit the World's Fair.  I was living in Florida, driving a Renault LeCar (it had a canvass sunroof and the coldest air conditioning on earth.) I drove to NOLA, spent a couple of nights in a Holiday Inn in the French Quarter, visited the exhibition.  In two days, I really hadn't had any really good food - in a city famous for great food.  I took a horse drawn carriage tour, and the driver pointed out all of the best places to eat, including Cafe-Du-Monde in the French Market and Brennan's. He said Brennan's had the best breakfast in town.  The next morning I had the best breakfast in the world, at Brennans.  The secret to good food in New Orleans, is skip the chains, and go with the locals.  

I have been back four times, and I have found incredible food four times.  New Orleans is one of the great food cities in the world.  

On that first trip I bought a print of Antoines Restaurant.  I have tried over the years to get in, but they were always booked.  This tip I made reservations in advance.  I was not disappointed. 
The Wine Cellar at Antoine's. 

What is your favorite food city? 


  1. my own city, chicago, new orleans, new york, paris, london, montreal.

    "skip the chains, and go with the locals" - hell, that is true for ALL cities!

    now I want some beignets!

  2. Any city where food can be found. I'm not too picky, I just want to scarf! Hmm, maybe that's why I look so fat in pictures :)

  3. I don't have a favorite food city, but I would so love to visit New Orleans. With all the places I went in the States, that was one city I never managed to get to.