Saturday, May 12, 2018

Beach Weather?

Coming up in the elevator at home the other day, I smelled the first sun-screen of the year.  The outdoor pool isn't open yet, but one of neighbors had found a warm sunny spot to get a little sun.  We are not big beach people, I enjoy a roll in the surf, or a float in the pool, then I am ready to get back indoors.  Jay prefers the beach on a cool grey day.  

I have few regrets in life, one of them is I should have learned to surf. 

Any regrets?  


  1. I regret not learning to play the piano, or the drums.
    I did have a few piano lessons as a child but gave them up because I was more interested in playing cricket or football with my male cousins. My parents were pleased because cricket and football came free!
    I never got round to getting lessons in the drums either, sadly.

  2. I regret not keeping up with my piano lessons and never learning how to dance. Can't do the dancing now due to MS issues, but I could play the piano--just need a little self-motivation.

  3. Nope. As I said before, I did it myyyyy wayyyyyy! Learning to play piano would've been nice, though :)

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