Friday, May 11, 2018

Since High School

I started taking pictures young, and got serious in High School.  I was reading something on FB a couple of weeks ago and realized that one of my classmates is living about 90 miles from me.  I sent her a quick message on FB, and she replied with a short update on her life.  She asked if I was still taking pictures, she remembered the work I did in school, and wondered if I had turned pro.  I did work professionally for a few years after school.  I can spot every flaw in every picture.  It drove me crazy that people were paying for my mistakes, and I gave it up.  Photography is a great hobby, I capture thousands of images every year, but I was not cut out to make a living at it.  

When you were in school, what did people think you would do for a living, and did you? 


  1. I was constantly told I was too stupid/would never amount to much. the choices back in THOSE days were nun, mommy, nurse, teacher, airline hostess. girls were quite limited.

    I have been an office manager for a small business for the past 15 years; this is my longest-held job (I have been working since age 16).

  2. I was a reasonably accomplished musician by the time I graduated, but knew that it was not an easy field to make a good living at. I didn't know what I would do.

    After my Dad's untimely passing just weeks after my graduation, I ended up in the Army, playing music in the US Army Fife and Drum Corps (I'm sure we performed at Mt. Vernon a few times) and I even wrote a couple of arrangements for the Corps.

    Upon separation, I took a job as a computer operator trainee, and ended up spending 41 years in IT. Interestingly, I've met many musicians who worked in IT, as both are 'orderly systems.'



  3. You were wise not to make your hobby into your job!

  4. No one thought of me let along wondered what I would be doing.