Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Spo Spotting

A few weeks ago, Spo (aka Michael) mentioned that he and Someone were going to be in Chicago for a fundraiser for bugs.  I messaged him asking when, as I was going to be in Chicago also.  Surprise for all, we were going to be in town at the same time.  Lured with a promise of a proper pizza (no rubbish) we met for dinner.  I met Doug the resident insect wrangler - par excellence (he takes amazing photographs of things that fly and buzz and sting.)  The four of us had a great evening.  We really need to talk Doug and David - aka Someone into returning to blogging.  

When in Chicago, what is a proper pizza? 


  1. Deep dish style; do not dare to question this.

  2. Uh oh, I've gotten hooked in recent years on thin crust... very thin crust. I don't think I'll even be allowed into Chicago.

  3. NICE PIX!

    been to chicago several times and have yet to try the pizza. if I ever get the chance, it will be either a pepperoni or a ham/pineapple deep dish pizza.

  4. My balder half is from Chicago, originally. He hates pizza! I like deep dish or flat as long as it is veggies and extra cheese. Ham, pineapple, chicken and white sauce have no business being on a pizza! Don't get me started on anchovies. I used to think anchovies were like chives or something. My one and only taste? Yuck! Pizza is like Chinese food or potato salad subject to an individuals taste.

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