Wednesday, May 09, 2018

I Could Sit Here All Month

It had been a long day in San Francisco.  Sightseeing, changing hotels, a nice breakfast - with terrible service in a nearly empty restaurant,  a FANTASTIC lunch in China town.  I just wanted something light and simple.  Off to the 44th floor of the San Francisco Hilton, for a table with a view, smoked salmon mouse in mini ice cream cones (tasty - if a bit fussy) and a decent Manhattan.  Oh and the view, I could sit and watch that view all month.  

The SF skyline is changing, with dramatic new buildings being added.  But the view, the bay, the bridge, the sunsets over the Pacific in the distance are as wonderful as ever. 

Where could you sit all month? 


  1. somewhere along the hudson river valley in NY; I can see why FDR loved to be there instead of DC.

  2. On Poodle Beach in Rehoboth. I could see and smell the ocean forever.

  3. Anonymous5/09/2018

    Pollença Bay in Majorca.

  4. My own backyard. It's so peaceful.

  5. Well, I just might have to sit around all month. I guess I'll have to figure this out.