Monday, May 21, 2018


Home is where the heart is, it is where we go for a pause between adventures.  For me, home is a condo, on the third floor of one of the high-rises sticking out of the trees on top of the hill.  The Condo makes traveling easier, I don't have to concern myself with mowing grass, or shoveling snow.  My mail is in a locked box in the lobby, we have front gate security, and locked outside doors - giving us  perimeter of security. I have close neighbors who look out for one another.   

Where is home for you?  


  1. Often wherever I happen to be. Right now. In a 12-story building overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

  2. a single-family house in a philly suburb. good neighbors. access to shops/restaurants/public transportation to the city. and maddie lives 1 hour away to the northwest of me! :)

  3. My heart is in San Diego. My body is in a house in Livermore. My home is in balder half's arms. Your stomach contents are now on the floor, right :)