Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Five Signs

I stumbled across a headline on Facebook, Five Signs that you have a brain tumor - just what I don't want to read.  There are enough things to keep me awake at night without wondering how many of the five do I have, how many do I need? 

So how about five signs that you are a nice person:

1: Babies don't scream and turn away when they see you.  
2: You think of others before acting.
3: You know how to apologize and do so when appropriate.    
4: You expect little of others, and offer much to others. 
5: Dogs like you. Don't worry about being liked by cats. 


  1. Five signs that you have a brain tumor!?! Jeez! Talk about not being helpful.

  2. #6 - a sweet bear wants to marry you

  3. Or Anne Maries favorite......slippery when wet.

  4. I think I qualify as two fifths nice. I figure both dogs and cats like me so that should cancel out that screaming baby thing!

  5. Anonymous5/02/2018

    1. I give up my seat on The Tube for old people and pregnant women
    2. I send flowers on my mother’s birthday
    3. I iron my husband’s laundry
    4. I always pay a compliment when it’s due
    5. I laugh at jokes even when they’re not funny

    1. JP, I'd marry you for number three alone!

  6. Deedles: Cats have very high standard you are exceptional if cats like you. Babys stopped screaming when I got fat and grew a beard. JP- you are a candidate for Saint Hood.