Friday, January 05, 2018

Tell Us About Your First Time?

My first airline flight was in March of 1977, from Detroit to Tampa on Eastern Airlines. It was an evening flight, I had a window seat, I was surprised at how long it took to get there. I was flying to Florida to drive my grandmother to Michigan, my great grandmother had fallen and broken a hip, and the family was concerned about my grandmother making the trip alone. I think it was the only time I flew Eastern airlines.  I was changing planes in Atlanta the night Eastern quit flying, it was chaos, I was flying KLM that night.   

My father's first airline flight was on American Airlines on August 31, 1946.  He was drafted near the end of World War II and was stationed in New York.  He flew to Detroit on leave.  He talked about going home on leave for the rest of his life.  This "Flight Report" was written as the plane was passing over Cleveland, on the day of the Cleveland Air Races.  There is still a big airshow in Cleveland in late Summer, J and I have been there for it a couple of times.  

Tell us  about your first time? 


  1. IIRC, my first was philly to orlando, october 1977. can't remember the carrier though; may have been delta or united.

  2. It was a dark and stormy night, oops, different memory! August 2, 1975. Our wedding day, flying from San Diego to Los Angeles, you know, Disneyland. The airline told us they'd rent us a car when we got to our destination. Turns out, after we got there, they wanted a two-hundred dollar deposit because of our age. That's all the money we had, so we went to our hotel and (black out on the juicy parts), then turned around the next morning and flew back to San Diego. We figured we could do a lot of sight seeing thru tourists eyes in our own fair city. I don't remember the airline. Went to Disneyland for our tenth anniversary.

  3. 1971

  4. 1970--Indianapolis to Amsterdam via JFK--a month's tour of Europe with ten college students and one leader. We saw a tiny bit of a number of cities and lots of countryside through the windows of a mini-bus.

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  6. Brisbane to Darwin to commence my nursing training. I was desperately excited, both at flying for the first time (which I loved) and at travelling so far from home -roughly 2000 miles. Let alone starting a whole new, scary career!

  7. My first time was freshman year in college (interesting that was my other first time, too). I flew home with a couple of friends from Rochester, NY, to La Guardia. 43 minutes. Before we got on the plane, one friend named Ellen said, "You HAVE to chew gum or you'll get sick." I hate gum. I chewed until IT nearly made me sick. 1972. No security. No boarding pass. We just walked through the airport, out a door onto the tarmac, and up the stairs into the plane.

    1. Weird, but I find myself thinking of the seventies as the good old days.

  8. I don't quite remember but I think it was a family trip to Philadelphia. I was quite excited about flying, it has been downhill ever since.