Wednesday, January 31, 2018

If I Knew Then, What I Know Now

The events of the past year, and related travels are forever reminding me of times past.  Flashbacks to opportunities that I passed on, things that make me think "if I had known then, what I know now" I would have  . . . what would I have done.  I would have said yes to adventures, taken a couple of jobs, learned to surf, bought a boat,  tried out for head boy?  

What would you have done? 


  1. Plenty of things I could have done better or differently but any changes to the past would impact the present. So I’ll stick with the choices I made.

  2. I would have taken spanish in high school instead of french

    for the rest, I plead the 5th amendment

  3. Nothing. I figure everything I was and did made me into the person I am today. I am happy and it was hard won.

  4. Anonymous1/31/2018

    I agree with Deedles.
    There’s a saying - don’t look back or you’ll miss what’s ahead.

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