Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Landscapes from the Air

My father was a licensed pilot.  When I was a teenager I developed a passion for photography, went flying with dad, took a few pictures and before I knew it, I was being paid to take pictures of farms, houses, and businesses from the air.  I paid for several thousand dollars in camera equipment in the 1970's doing that.  Things changed, I moved to Florida, moved onto other careers, dad quit flying, and I haven't taken areal photographs for a few decades.  

When I fly I usually take an aisle seat in the middle of coach.  But once in a while I end up with empty seats next to me and I will slide over into the window seat.  That happened this summer, as I was flying in and out of LaGuardia. And I grabbed a few nice shots, Yankee Stadium and the Manhattan skyline.  A little hazy, but not bad.  

Do you usually take a window, aisle, or middle seat? 


  1. When I used to fly, it was the window seat all the way! I never got up to go to the bathroom so this way I didn't get stepped on. I liked looking out of the window when I flew, except on those occasions when we flew at night and I was over the wing. I'd keep envisioning a gremlin on the wing a la Twilight Zone.

  2. Always a window for me. I love the view.

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