Wednesday, January 10, 2018


I decided it was finally time to convert, my father always thought that sooner or later I would convert to Catholicism, or Judaism.  That is not it, I still avoid organized religion.  A lifelong Windows user, I finally had enough and I am converting to a Mac life.  I have been through about 10 windows machines in the time that Jay has had 4 Macs.  My latest windows machine ate it's operating system after 15 months. Things are a little different in Mac world. 

The super sleek design, means many things that are in your face on windows, are not on this thing.  So I tried asking Siri how to adjust the volume, she replied, "Do you want to increase or decrease the volume" I relied "yes" and she said "I thought so" then she quit talking to me.  Just what I need, a smart ass computer.  

Found it, figuring it out. 

And I imported the nearly 40,000 photo files from my HP back-up drive (what a relief, I would really miss them, and they take like 20 hours to download from cloud storage.) . 

So are you Windows, Mac or something else? 


  1. HOME: bought my first windows desktop computer in 1997; #2 in 2007; #3 in 2017. never a serious problem with any of them.

    WORK: company-provided windows desktop computers; after 15 years on the job, I am using #2. never a serious problem with either of them.

    I guess it depends on how/why you use them.

  2. Pretty much what Anne Marie said. Partner and I both were introduced to Windows at work and used it with no problems, so never thought of using anything else in the several computers we have bought since.

  3. Mac. I worked in computer graphics beginning in the '80s. Mac was the thing to have. So, that's what I've had ever since. In later careers, I had Windows machines at work. I became proficient but never ever liked them.

  4. Mac for me please