Sunday, January 21, 2018

Decennial Plans

I have a decennial birthday coming up in late summer.  The last time I passed a decennial birthday I was in Chicago speaking at a conference and went out to dinner at a nice french restaurant with a group of professional friends.  For this one I am trying to make plans.  At my age there will only be another 1-3 of these events (I will be very upset if I live to be 100.)  Should I?

  1. Ignore the birthday and hope no one notices? 
  2. Throw a party?
  3. Plan a special trip (there are two states I have not been to)? 
  4. Leave the plans up to my dear Hubby? 
  5. Treat it like any other birthday? 
Your suggestions: 


  1. Do not ignore it nor treat it like any other birthday. Get Hubby to throw a party for you.

  2. spouse and I would come to your milestone birthday party! let's see what your sweet bear has in mind!

  3. We only celebrate our wedding anniversaries in this household. I also had to look up the word decennial. My brain has been atrophying since I stopped working crossword puzzles. Anyway, at 61, we do special things every five years, mostly cruises.
    You do enjoy travelling so a trip may be nice. Of course, that depends on what two states you haven't been to. My back=up state is always Hawaii :)

  4. Generally I celebrate with friends my birthday with small intimate dinners out, and mu Mother always sends a check which says go buy some happy. The only big birthday I have had was forty and that was a big party. So yes...if you have a special one coming up...either let hubby plan a blow out or have one at least.

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