Friday, January 12, 2018

Photo Proof

For eons it was debated if in fact all four feet of a horse left the ground at the same time, one side believed that it happened, others argued that it was impossible for a 1,000 pound animal to become airborne. Early photography proved that all four legs leave the ground at the same time.  Today's cameras make it easy to capture. For me that is hard science, not theory, or speculation, but tangible  evidence. We are on the cutting edge of understanding DNA and how the brain works (and fails.)  I wonder how far we are away from understanding, and having proof of the causes of dementia.  I doubt a "cure" will happen in my life time, but then in the mid 1800's no one though they could definitively answer the question about a galloping horse.  


  1. but but but the dumpturds say "there are no science facts, only alternative facts".

  2. I remember seeing those fascinating old Muybridge photos of horses (but his photos of naked guys were more intriguing...).

    The causes of dementia are really puzzling. I've known several people you had it - and none of them shared similar lifestyles or medical histories.

    1. I mean to say "WHO", not "YOU"

  3. One of my high school art teachers told me I got it wrong when I drew a horse with all four feet off the ground. She also told me, when I did a detailed pencil drawing of my grandfather and cousin, that drawing from photographs was not art. I never should have listened to her.