Monday, January 29, 2018

Beyond the Magic Kingdom

There is much more to Central Florida than Micky Mouse theme parks, the real magic of theme park land is how fast tourists can be separated from how much money.  Get away from the converted cow-pastures and drained swamps of World land, and the Florida that was Florida before the rat is still there.  

The Maitland Art Center is a prime example.  It is an art center based in an old artists colony.  There are over a dozen studios in use by various artists, from painters, to sculptors, to jewelers and photographers.  The grounds are relaxing, inspiring even enchanting.  I had not been there is 22 years, and I immediately felt relaxed.  This is my old stomping ground, part of my regular day off routine (I visited about once a month for a decade.) The buildings are art deco, meets Mayan ruin, meets Spanish revival.  The buildings are part of the art of the place.  

If you could spend six months as an artist in residence here, what would you work on? 


  1. A masterpiece, of course. That's a beautiful spot. I'd love to see it.

  2. I like the lily pad garden. and I would work on a knitting masterpiece.

  3. I’d paint with my oils daily.
    What a wonderful spot, thanks for sharing it.

  4. This is all very pretty and interesting. I have no talent whatsoever, and since Florida tried to kill me once, I won't be back. Six months, no way! The humidity almost suffocated me just stepping out of the airport to catch a ride to our hotel! We did manage to get on the ship for our cruise, but never again!