Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Travel Year in Review

2017 was a near record travel year for me, with 50 nights in hotels, and 37 airline flights.  Ten hotel stays were personal, five were for work.  30 of the 37 airlines flights were on American Airlines, earning me gold status for 2018.  The other 7 flights were on Delta, and frankly I can't remember where I went on Delta.  

In all of that traveling, I never left the country.  A lot of it was trips to Florida for family.  There will be fewer trips to Florida, though I want to stay in contact with my family there (two brothers and my only cousin.)  I went to Michigan twice this fall for memorial services, the first trips I have made there (other than changing planes in Detroit) in well over a decade.  My sister is living in Michigan, I will likely try to get there from time to time to see her and reconnect with my roots.  We did a road trip over the summer to visit Jay's family in Cleveland, we should do that more often.  Cleveland is kind of cool.  

I had a couple of great work trips, Boston - though the weather was terrible and I barely left the hotel, Newport Rhode, Island - I would go back there any day, and Newport Beach, California - a couple of days of mild weather and great views.  

I made good on one of my New Years resolutions, and added a couple of personal days to a work trip, stopping over in Phoenix on my way to California last month. I am already working on plans to to add personal days to a work trip next March. 

I had two ridiculously short overnight trips. One to Chicago were I was on the ground about 21 hours attending a conference on death (it was a good conference.) And a spur of the moment trip to Florida in November to  sign paperwork on dad's estate, where I was on the ground about 19 hours.  I need to remember that the short trips take as great -maybe a greater, toll on my body as longer trips. 

I am already starting to plan out next year.  I will ramble about upcoming travel in a coming post.  

Where did the adventure of travel take you this year? 


  1. didn't get to go anywhere this year due to spouse's health problems; been 6 months of hell now...

    1. am, very sorry to hear this. Hoping things get better for you both.


    2. thank you, andy; 2 operations and other issues have been rough on both of us...

  2. Dang! I haven't been on anywhere near 37 flights in my entire life!

    This year, a couple of trips to FLA, and several trips to my second house in southwest VA.



  3. I'm exhausted just reading about it.

  4. The 'best' was going to SC and GA as it was new and adventuresome